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What is Mater Patient Portal?

Mater Patient Portal is a secure online service hosted by Mater Health Services that provides you with a personal gateway to Mater health information.

Through Mater Patient Portal you will be able to complete your Mater registration or preadmission form online and access Mater Hospital information brochures and approved external links.

For expectant mothers, creating a Mater Patient Portal account is required to access a Mater Shared Electronic Health Record (EHR), an electronic alternative to the paper Pregnancy Health Record.


Who can register for a Mater Patient Portal account?

Anyone can create a new patient portal account.

Who can apply for access to their Mater Shared EHR?

At this stage only pregnant women will be able to apply for access to their Mater Shared EHR. More information can be found under the Health Record tab once you have created a Patient Portal account.

If you have any questions please contact the Mater Patient Portal team on 1800 228 470.

To gain access to your Mater Shared EHR you will need to have booked in to Mater Mothers’ Hospital or Mater Mothers’ Private Brisbane. On confirmation of this booking you will be provided with an access code to link you to your Mater Shared EHR after your identity has been verified. For more information on Mater Patient Portal, click on the Take A Tour button below.

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